The Story Behind
Shelby's Dog Treats


When our beloved chocolate lab, Shelby, died prematurely!

Shelby was a dear member of our family and too young to die. We wanted only the best for our 4-legged kid and provided what we thought was a healthy diet for her.


We were determined to investigate what may have contributed to her early death. We discovered that what we thought were healthy treats, were made with chicken that was sourced in a different country, where no regulations were required. Upon further investigation, we found that meat sourced in other countries was being brought to the USA to be processed and manufactured as a product that claimed to be “Made in the USA”.

It became our family’s mission to create and share a safe, healthy treat that our customers can give their pets with confidence. We are also passionate about educating pet owners and making them aware that the product must say “Sourced in the USA” and not “Made in the USA”. Our treats are made with grass-fed beef that is sourced in California.  We use the beef liver and lung because of the high nutrient levels in these organ meats.  Our company’s first priority is caring about your 4-legged kid and giving your pet the best opportunity to live a long and healthy life.